Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Call by Peadar O'Guilin


A new book review! 

So, this book is in the horror genre (just in time for Halloween) and I have to say that it really is an unnerving read.

The book is set in Ireland and it is quite a scary Ireland. Basically one day, about twenty years ago Ireland was closed off from the rest of the world. Nobody could get into Ireland and nobody could get out. This is because the Sídhe which is Irish for faeries want to take back the Ireland that was stolen from them by the Irish years ago. This affects everyone in Ireland but it affects teenagers the most because at some point in their teenage years they are called to the grey land which is Sídhe land. In the real world when the teenagers are called they are gone for three minutes but in the grey land it is a full day. The teenagers are more likely to return dead than alive.

This book is very good with a great, original story line and I cannot wait for the sequel to this. I would definitely recommend giving this  a read if you haven't already.


The book follows main character, Nessa who is disabled and guaranteed to die during the call which just makes her more determined to survive and she worked so much harder than the rest to ensure that she at least stood a chance. I was so happy that she survived.

The plot line of when Conor and his knights are planning to murder Nessa because she "disrespected him" is just complete and utterly ridiculous. Seriously what is wrong with Conor? Even during his call, he was so happy to be in the grey land. It was like he had just arrived at the world's best party. I just don't understand him and even though he is dead now, I still want to understand his motives. I mean there has to be a reason, maybe he was a Sídhe.

When Megan did not survive her call, I was so upset. She was such a strong character who always spoke her mind. Even though she didn't survive I am still so happy that she managed to get the message back to the others to warn them of the danger that was coming their way. In a way she achieved what she set out to do.

I love Anto and when he got called I was terrified for him but something inside me knew he would survive and even though they made him a giant at least he returned alive. I was so happy for him and Nessa to hopefully have the future they should have had without the fight. 

When I met Peadar O'Guilin at Dept Con 2 I asked him about outside Ireland and what the other counties are doing about Ireland. Do they even know? His answer to me was that we will definitely get the answer to this in the next book. 

For anyone interested I have a post about my experience of Dept Con 2 here:

So I hope you enjoyed this review. Please comment and let me know!

Bye for now! 

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